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    Table Top

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    The Tulip Table Top is a two bucket water filter and water storage facility in one. The top bucket is filled with raw water, which is filtered through the Tulip candle filter into the lower bucket. The water in the lower bucket is safe for immediate consumption. The water is also safe for storage in the lower bucket for longer periods. It purifies 2 – 4 liters per hour.


    Tulip Siphon icon

    The Tulip Siphon is a lightweight portable water purifier that is easy to use and store. It purifies 4–5 liters of water per hour. The filter can be used in emergency situations as well as for daily usage. It has a unique backwash function making sure that the filter stays clean and fit for purification and a fast flow rate.

    Replacement candle

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    The Tulip Water Filter is made of diatomaceous earth. It removes at least 99.9 % of all bacteria and protozoa, as well as 99% of turbidity. The filter element contains activated carbon to remove color and improve taste. It also contains a small amount of residual silver to avoid recontamination of the filtered water. It lasts up to about 7.000 liters depending on water quality (this is on average about 1.5 – 2 years).

    The WHO confirms that the Tulip Filter is safe. It provides targeted protection.

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