Tulip Siphon Filter


The Tulip Siphon is a portable water purifier that is easy to use and store. It purifies up to 5 litres of water per hour. The filter can be used in emergency situations as well as for daily usage.


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The filter element is placed in a container with contaminated water, situated about 70 cm above the clean water container. The siphon is started by squeezing the rubber bulb. The siphon pressure forces the water through the filter element, ensuring a high flow of filtered water.

Emergency situations: The Siphon filter is light, small, affordable, simple to use and transport, making it an appropriate solution to provide safe drinking water in post-disaster situations.

Households: The Siphon water filter is ideal for use within households. The filter is easy to use and affordable for most households. The filter can clean up to 5 liters an hour, providing enough safe drinking water for an (extended) family.


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